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Moròn is a small block and concrete town, a couple hours’ drive from Cayo Guillermo, a small sandy island mid-coastline key on the north face of Cuba.

This little town didn’t really come together as a community until 1750 and the architecture bears some Spanish influence, amidst the pale pink and blue paint that covers just about every building the eye discovers.

The wrought iron is pretty, and the whole town moves slowly, hot and sleepy in the sunshine.

Being a tourist embarrasses me at the best of times. But sometimes contributing to the local economy via taxi rides, local food and generous gifts to friends of friends lessens the sting.


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Faded glory

Big old buildings.

Bombastic, attention-seeking, attention-getting and so gosh-darn pretty.

A day trip into the small town of Moròn proffered glimpses of a Cuba once rich with promise and opportunity.

The concrete structures veiled with rusty wrought-iron curlicues would benefit from a coat of paint. But the power and might of buildings such as this Hotel Perla De La Norte call to mind the blacks and whites of Key Largo or Bold Venture, Bogart and Bacall’s radio plays set in pre-Castro Havana.

I’m pretty sure I saw him walk by.

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