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Eyes to see

january2012 89

The Tall One has new glasses.

The old glasses were old. As in last-century old. As in before-Bowen-Island old. As in before he-got-so-tall old.

Wah! Did I mention that before?

The feet are growing, the hairs are sprouting, the voice — the voice is the hardest.

“Mum! I can’t sing the high notes anymore!”

There’s a little app on my iPhone which has recordings of his and Lulu’s voices from when they were wee — well, more wee than now, because it’s my second iPhone and they only last three years.


Time to talk about something else.

I have to make cupcakes for a community movie showing this afternoon. I can’t say I know the difference between a cupcake and a muffin. A cupcake sounds like something with white flour, sugar, butter, and colourful icing… Any suggestions?

I embarked on a dietary cleanse 1.5 weeks ago, the Wild Rose D-Tox. Mostly it involves not eating certain things (dairy, processed grains, yeast) and taking a few herbs with each meal. It’s not difficult and no big deal relative to how we generally eat (minus the dairy) and I was feeling pretty sanctimonious about how I wasn’t feeling anything, maybe this wasn’t doing anything useful, what about all the stuff I read about, etc.

Oh, how the mighty do fall. This past Wednesday I took to my quarters in the middle of the afternoon. Enough said.

Feeling better today thankyouverymuch, but there’s clearly something to be said for a little spring cleaning.

Happy Groundhog Day!

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