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Ode to the hazelnut

At our house, along with garlic, seaweed and a few other oddities, Nutella is a food group.

Of course, I know about the sugar, the sugar, the polyunsaturated fats and the sugar, but as just about everything else stocking the cupboard shelves in our place is about as wholesome as kale — including kale — a little chocolatey nutty indulgence is allowed. And we would never ever eat it straight out of the jar.

christmas 004

Now where did that come from?

Anyway, imagine our great tail-wagging delight when, wandering down the aisles of the local grocery store what should we find but  the mecca of all things Nutella.

Casalmaggiore week one 74

First of all, emergency packs. Perfect for the car, the knapsack, the first aid kit — anywhere you need a quick supply of Nutella when you’re far from home.

Casalmaggiore week one 75

Secondly, small jars, perhaps for the light eater who doesn’t wish to overindulge. I don’t know if these jars would make it safely back to the cupboard from the table. Might be a case of, “Well, there’s such a tiny bit left and I wouldn’t want it to go to waste… Why don’t I just finish it off?”

No, these jars would not fare well in our house.

Casalmaggiore week one 76

So here’s a better option for the undecided. Top row — for the delicate eaters. Second row, for those less shy.

Third row — well, this is 630 grams of goodness, my friends. More than an ample supply for your family, don’t you think?

Casalmaggiore week one 62

But what’s this? Stacked up at the back of the store, over by the summer section of plastic sand pails and instant iced tea? Another size up? Eight hundred and twenty five grams?

This is some serious Nutella happiness. Jars by the caseload, and neatly stacked next to the crackers. A heavenly match. Could anything be better?

Casalmaggiore week one 65
A kilo would be better. That’s what.

One kilogram.

Two-point-two pounds.

Oh my.

And the best? Only €6,25. That’s about $9.

If you’re not a Nutella shopper, let me please share with you that this is a very. good. price.

And I’ll share something else:


As I said: It’s a food group.


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