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The day dawned bright and sunny, blue skies long overdue but the perfect antidote to the day-before-school blues.

Sadly, the glare of the light deceived a number of the feathered guests who visit our various feeding stations and this little one took a dive to the window and ricocheted on to the deck.

Hummer  269

Selasphorus rufus, the rufous hummingbird, so named because of the brick-red feathers on its back and sides.

It lay on its side for a few seconds and we thought its end might be nigh. Of primary importance, however, was keeping the feathered one protected from the furry ones who are keenly attracted to avian creatures which cannot become airborne. Dogs 9, chickens 2.

Hummer  268

But given a little pat as we enjoyed a too-rare opportunity to stroke the feathers of a hummingbird, the creature suddenly righted itself and while unsteady, managed to remain upright.

Hummer  270

Hummer  271And I guess we got a little annoying with our paparazzi moment and the little guy flew upwards. Unsteady however, it steered itself directly at the leaf-green structure directly ahead and then dropped down for a respite.

Hummer  272
Hummer  273

Some solid attempts at taking flight…

Hummer  274

Hummer  275

… and it managed to get itself over to another finger, until…

Hummer  276

Not airborne for very long nor for very far but somewhere sheltered and green.

Hummer  277

If it looks like a tree and feels like a tree…

Hummer  278

Hummer  279

Hummer  280

And that’s how they sat for the next half-hour: Homeboy in the sun, reading his homework, the little one relaxing in the warmth and safety of the leaf-green nesting spot.

A more perfect day before school could barely be imagined.


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